Thursday, February 04, 2010

MARUTI SUZUKI'S upcoming model Cervo

MARUTI SUZUKI'S upcoming model Cervo, which is suppose to be launched in May 2010 is going to give a tough race to small cars. This compact car sports 54bhp and 660cc engine. It will be a five door car and it will have a petrol engine.

It might be priced between Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh. At this price Cervo is sure to prove a tough competitor to TATA NENO and similar cars that will be launched in this category. It may be better alternative of Maruti 800.

Cervo is a five door hatchback with 4 speed auto gearbox, a K6A DOHC engine with VVT and bluetooth capability. Interiors of the car look like a Swift and are quite comfortable, it has enough head room, leg room and boot space. It is equipped with front semi-bucket seats. Maruti Cervo has already been launched in the Japan
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well come

well come

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